Taste the Marjan Meats difference today!

Marjan Butchery is a family owned and operated meat and poultry butcher offering a traditional butcher service with natural, premium and organic halal meats. We opened in 1980 and to this are still serving our local community!

“Established in 1980”

We’re one of the few independent butchers left in Sydney and specialise in modern butchering as well as traditional butchery. We have many loyal customers who keep coming back because of our great service and quality.

We take pride in the quality of our meat and offer what we consider to be some of the best quality meat and poultry in Sydney. We’re well known for our gourmet sausages and middle eastern style meats too. All our products are made from fresh ingredients.

On most days, you can find two or three generations of our family working together at the market, always ready to serve you with a smile!